LAGOS- Captured in his recent post on Instagram, a young, shrewd Public Relations Consultant, Demola Lawal, better known as Latchenko shared how he traced and embraced his mother’s inherited tradition, ‘The Osun’.

In chat with Independent, while talking about the traditions of his hometown, he encouraged the new generation to participate in their homeland traditions, in order to avoid losing their culture and heritage to the that of the western world.

He said; “There won’t be a culture or tradition to practice, visit or to remember and celebrate if we never had any. We do have traditions and they are gradually eroding, fading away in the shadow of modernization – the advancement we see around these cultures are being taken and modified by the western world.”

“I believe culture should evolve and not be condemned, just like I embraced my maternal yesterday. It was reviving. It felt like something I’ve always missed. It was like I’ve been running, then I reached a spot of higher energy.”

He added; “Osun Olowo Eyo! My mum believes and prays through her. Her dedication and sacrifices to Osun and God is inspiring. She couldn’t hide her joy to see me celebrate her believes, I showed her my true belonging to her and how inclusive she is in this vast world. God answers her prayer. I’m a living testimony.”

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Speaking further, he said; “This isn’t a preach of religion. Whatever makes you feel alive, do it. If you’re looking for the first ever feminist, the right feminist, you should read about Osun. We are the new generation, let’s take newness into our tradition and cultures.”